1. bradenlamb:

    Emerald City Comic Con 2014 was so great! Met some awesome people, like Katcakes (seen above with an astounded Shelli) who came in costume as Queen Bubblegum (battle mode) from issue 8 of the Adventure Time Comic!

    Also, here’s a few commissions I did over the weekend. (Apologies for color and skewing weirdness due to close-quarters photography.) I may do more like these in the future - taking my time on just a handful of drawings per day. More satisfying for me, and also hopefully for you folks who get them.

    Next stop, MeCAF: May 18 in Portland, ME.

  2. gamewiregirl:

    This is Princess Dead Pool. My 3 year old told me EXACTLY how she wanted the costume to look and walked me through the entire thing, bossing me around. It was so much fun.

  3. kevinchurch:

    You see this comic up there with the Bravest Warriors logo and Impossibear (aka the best character ever who is not James T. Kirk or Tequila from Hard Boiled) wielding his mighty gas powered stick and the words “Impossibear Special”? Well, that’s the Bravest Warriors: Impossibear Special and I’ve written a story for it. It’s in this month’s volume of Previews and will be released in June. You should ask your comic shop owner to get a copy for you.

    (Other creators include Kevin Panetta, Nikki Mannino, Jeremy Sorese, Kate Leth, Paulina Ganucheau and Jess Fink, who are all pretty great, so if you don’t like me, you can like them.)

  4. ninthartpress:

    The MoCCA Fest, April 4th and 5th: Ninth Art Press is going to be there… At the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue (the same Armory where the 1913 Armory Show was held. I can’t get over that).  It’ll be me (Dan Mazur) and my friends and collaborators Alexander Danner, Whit Taylor and Doug De Rocher.  Come by and say hi, and pick up a promotional postcard for the SubCultures Anthology (edited by Whit), featuring Box Brown’s brain-teasing cover art; then, we’ll have display copies (not for sale quiiiiite yet) of Comics: a Global History, 1968 to the Present, written by Alexander and me.  Whit will have Up Down Clown, her brand new graphic novel (and very worthy of the name).  Also, Doug will be presenting his updated and revised collection, Monarch Monkey and Other Stories – what Doug does with cut-paper collage has to be seen to be believed.  If that’s not enough for you, how about the New York premiere of In a Single Bound #3, the all-woman creator issue of the superhero anthology from Boston Comics Roundtable. Plus another chance to get your mitts on Cold Wind, drawn by Jesse Lonergan from a script by yours truly, fresh off being named a “notable” in the Best American Comics of 2013.  And more!  Whew!  Don’t miss MoCCA!!  More details at www.ninthartpress.com

    (via danmazur)

  5. whimsicalnobodycomics:

    A list of our fab contributors for Subcultures: A Comics Anthology (Ninth Art Press),which I am editing! 


  6. Anonymous asked: What's the most romantic moment in superhero comics?


  7. headlikeanorange:

    Black-tailed prairie dog

  8. ericafailsatlife:

    Here are some more of the vintage postcard inspired pieces I did for Proletariat Games’ World Zombination! Click here to see the new video that just went up at GDC!

  9. I made this wellness comic about getting better sleep for Mass. General Hospital’s DiabetesViews blog!

    It shows some basic tips for good sleep hygiene, which means habits and routines for making sure you get solid sleep (i.e. the lifehacks you can do without needing pills or machines).

    You can read more Suzie and Ray wellness comics in the DiabetesViews blog’s “comics” category!


  10. MoCCA Fest 2014


    Hey Folks-

    I’ll be exhibiting at MoCCA Fest this year! You can find me here:


    I’ll be tabling alongside Dan Mazur of Ninth Art Press. We’re working on Subcultures: A Comics Anthology, which will be out in time for SPX. You can check out some comic previews here!

    And I’ll be debuting Up Down Clown, my first small graphic novel:


    Plus I’ll have some of my other comics such as:




    So yeah…swing on by to B31 1/2A!

    -Whit Taylor